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What is WETT Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a non-profit training and education association managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by holders of valid WETT certificates. Through its administrative designate, WETT Inc. functions as the national registrar of the WETT program. Through professional training and public education, WETT Inc. promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada.

In carrying out its mandate to promote increased safety and effectiveness, WETT Inc. maintains the Wood Energy Technical Training program (WETT). The program is
designed to:

  • provide training to those who offer wood energy products and installation and maintenance services to the public and to those who conduct inspections of wood burning systems,
  • confirm and recognize the knowledge and skills acquired through field experience, self-study and successful completion of WETT courses by issuing certificates of qualification,
  • provide training to specialty audiences as the need and demand arises.

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